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As a 360° specialist in Odoo, with many years experience in implementations, development and support, I have set up and maintained instances with as few as 1 user and as many as 700 users.

Odoo is a very versatile product and is used by companies of all shapes and sizes. Having access to a competent and trusted partner is crucial to making sure you're getting the best out of your Odoo experience.

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New installations

Fresh installation of Odoo configured for your requirements and training for your users.

Data migration

We will look at your source data and convert it into a format that is suitable for Odoo. We take a script-based approach so that on the go-live day we can migrate your data in an instant. No need to run two systems simultaneously.

Upgrade to new versions

Because Odoo is constantly evolving, migration between major versions can be complicated. We make the migration process simple.

Custom development

Odoo is infinitely customizable and is a great choice for industries that do not have software catering to them. We can build custom modules that integrate into your existing workflow.


Sometimes you just need to know what is and isn't possible with Odoo, or what the best practice is. We are here to help and advise you on all matters relating to Odoo.


Once you have rolled out Odoo your end users will need somewhere to turn to if they need technical or functional support. We offer support packs to cater to organisations of different sizes.

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Official Odoo Partner

David James Development Company is an official Odoo partner, authorized to offer Odoo solutions with the support and resources of Odoo.

Learning Partner? This is a bit of a misnomer as David has been working with Odoo for over 5 years and has implemented Odoo for hundreds of users but as a small company we don't have the volume of projects to justify the higher levels of Odoo partnership. Rest assured that we have implemented Odoo for several customers in Australia in partnership with Odoo.

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