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Scripting, automation and data processing

Every business has repetitive tasks that need to be carried out regularly. In most businesses these tasks are performed manually by people. However most of these tasks can benefit from automation.

By identifying things that can be automated, not only are incidents of human error reduced, the time currently spent on those things can be used more productively.

Every business has different ways that automation can help them 

Automatically converting data. Does your business regularly take data from one place and put it in another place? We have helped customers to automate this process. For example, downloading orders from eBay and preparing shipping labels. 

Producing reports.  Many reports are produced by looking at different sources, slightly reformatting and summarizing the data, and then putting the result in a spreadsheet. This job is a great candidate for automation and can save hours while producing a more consistent end result.

Interacting with systems and websites.  Sometimes you want to access data that is contained in your application, but there is no easy way to access it. The system might not have a suitable report, or you may have to copy and paste from different screens to get the data you want. Most systems will have an API and can therefore be accessed programmatically, or the data can be scraped with a script. Either way, the data can be made available to you without manual copy+pasting.

Keeping your customers and partners up to date. Do you send out regular emails to your customers and partners? Perhaps you want to send out a regular price list or some other document? We can set up automatic regular tasks to send out emails based on your rules.

Automation is not a one-size-fits-all solution, we will work with you through your specific scenarios and devise a solution that works for you.

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